You're ready to start that dream remodel, but your not sure where or how to start? R&E Advisors will partner with you on your project from concept to finish. We can help you determine your scope of work, materials, design, budget, and connect you with the best professionals. Take the stress out of your renovation!

R&E Advisors can help you make informed decisions whether your buying or selling a home. Take the guesswork out of the equation! Selling your home?  We can help you assess the repairs and improvements that will add the most value to your property. Buying a home? We can help you with assessing, planning and budgeting your desired improvements and accompany you during property showings at your preferred listings.

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Understand the cost vs benefit implications of a home renovation before you start the process. R&E Advisors will help you organize and asses your desired improvements. Whether you move forward or not we have the knowledge, tools and resources necessary for your project.

You have a million ideas and pictures but you're not sure how to make them a reality? Look no further! R&E Advisors will help you plan, organize, design, and budget to bring your dreams into reality. Start with a plan, start with R&E Advisors!


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Rob Capozzoli

Owner & Founder

My name is Robert Capozzoli, owner and founder of R&E Advisors, LLC. R&E Advisors began with the realization that homeowners are often left in the dark by the overwhelmingly distracting and misleading home improvement market. When it comes to the resources to effectively navigate the many components involved in this process, they are often left to face it alone.

In my tenure as a Property Manager in commercial and residential real estate, I developed strong relationships with a wide range of professionals and I had the privilege to work closely with some of the best in the industry. I was a part of many projects involving major & minor levels of renovation & restoration, project management, and property management. This gave me a unique bird's eye view as to how projects of all sizes are organized, prepared, and managed to maximize time, budgets and overall success.


R&E Advisors helps homeowners and buyers plan, facilitate, and coordinate home renovations and remodels. Our mission is to EMPOWER homeowners and give them the resources and tools necessary to navigate their project with the same efficiency, and effectiveness as the professionals.


We serve clients in-person throughout Northern New Jersey. Additionally we offer remote and digital services throughout the US.



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